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Before Daisy and I started our world trip, I bought myself a second-hand 2011 Macbook Air. It was quite cheap, lightweight, and handy, I thought to myself. Unfortunately, and much sooner than expected, the Macbook Air didn’t meet my requirements. Rather than throwing it out, I decided to offer it for free on...

Vrijwilligerswerk weeshuis nepal

It's such a beautiful idea: to give back to the children in the poor countries you visit. But if you really want to do something good, you should never work as a volunteer in an orphanage. You do more harm than good. In this article I explain why volunteering at an orphanage abroad...

Bicycle tour Yangon

Think golden pagodas, an abandoned amusement park, great restaurants and amazing view points. Welcome to Yangon (Rangoon). In this article we share our 12 top things to do in the most amazing city of Myanmar.